Gazipaşa welcomes the first group of passengers from Helsinki by Jet Time Oy Finland

Operated by TAV Airports, Antalya Gazipaşa Airport begins welcoming the direct flights that Jet Time Oy Finland Airlines launched between Gazipaşa and Helsinki.
Operated by TAV Airports, Antalya Gazipaşa Airport welcomed the first of the direct flights launched by Jet Time Oy Finland Airlines between Gazipaşa and Helsinki. As part of the flight schedule that Jet Time Oy Finland will be operating to Gazipaşa Airport during the summer season, 148 passengers traveling from Finland's capital Helsinki on a B737-700 were greeted by TAV Gazipaşa personnel with flowers and aqueduct at a ceremony held at the airport.
TAV Gazipaşa Operations Coordinator Cengiz Aşıklı said “We began seeing the results of the positive work we have been carrying out for the improvement of Gazipaşa Airport, which is a significant facility for Alanya and the region. We are very happy to welcome the first of the Helsinki flights that Jet Time Oy Finland launched to bring passengers from the Scandinavian countries to Gazipaşa, who constitute an important tourism potential for our region. Jet Time Oy Finland’s Helsinki flight is another alternative that we offer our passengers flying to the Scandinavian countries where we have other direct flights from Gazipaşa. We will continue our hard work in order to contribute to the development of Gazipaşa as well as the tourism sector in Alanya and our region.”
Jet Time Oy Finland Airlines' first direct flight from Helsinki to Gazipaşa took place on 23:00 hrs. on the May 31st, 2014. Jet Time aircraft took off from GZP to Helsinki on 23:35 hrs. The reciprocal flights will take place once a week on Saturdays on B737-700 type aircraft.
Gazipaşa Airport is expected to perform 20 direct flights to 16 international destinations in 2014. Last month, Finnair, the national airlines of Finland, also launched a direct flight from Gazipaşa Airport to Helsinki.