Quality Policy


TAV Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport Operations Inc. Our goal is to be the leader in the nearest geographical area in Airport Operations.

Our basic policy is to create value for all stakeholders by providing comfortable travel opportunities for our passengers with the understanding of safe, high quality and innovative service in Airport Operations;

- We are engaged in activities aimed at increasing the performance and satisfaction of our employees. To ensure the correct management of this communication by describing communication channels with customers, stakeholders and subcontractors,

- To ensure the continuity of infrastructure / service by using resources efficiently, efficiently and sustainably,

- Ensuring the infrastructure/service's continuity by effective, efficient, and sustainable use of resources,

- To use the modern and valid methods, technologies, information and management systems that are required by the age, to provide the necessary integration by making necessary research and investment for this purpose,

- To comply with the terms of the contract, regulations of national and international authorities, legal regulations and obligatory standards,

- Process analysis and development projects and continuous improvement activities that transform employees into natural behavior are an important element of company culture.