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Cafe & Restaurant

Food & beverage points at the Alanya Gazipasa Airport...

Airport Transportation

Gazipaşa Airport transportation alternatives...


How to Reach to Airport?



Flight Destinations

For information about flights facilitating at Alanya Gazipaşa Airport.

Alanya Castle

One of the landmarks of Alanya, a district of Antalya, the castle is located on the peninsula 250 m. above the sea.

Alanya Shipyard

Composed of five holes tied with arcs the shipyard’s sea façade is 56.5 meters in length and 44 in depth.


Located on a plateau 800 meters far away to Alara Caste, 37 km west of Alanya by Alara stream.

Airport Name Change

The name of our airport h


Gazipaşa Airport Military Drill

Please let us kindly a


UPDATE: Daylight Saving Time

Due to a recent decision


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